FAQ's and Payment Instructions


1. Click the product you want to buy. Click more payment options
2. Click log in if you already have an account.
3. If no account yet, enter your email or mobile phone number
4. Fill out the shipping address form
5. Click automatically fill out the form so you don't need to retype again on the next page. Click continue to shopping.
6. Choose standard or expedited. Click continue to payment.
7. Click credit card and enter your card information.
8. Click pay now


BDO Direct Deposit Philippines - Instructions

1. Click nyo lang po yung items na gusto niyong bilhin sa store website.
2. $US ang makikita niyong price, i convert ng store namin sa peso yung items.
3. Choose kung anong size, kulay, at ilang piraso ang order. Click 'Buy It Now"
4. Enter your phone number and complete address. 

Click automatically fill out para hindi na magtype next time. Automatic na mag fill out ang address at phone number. Click continue to shipping.

5. Choose kung standard or expedited . Click continue to payment
6. Click Bank Deposit
7. Choose kung saang address, may options po na kahit anong address gamitin nyo. 
8. Click complete order. Message nyo lng po kami kung na deposit na ang payment para ma process order ninyo.

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